Suit me up, Bucky! Captain America goes Ma.K

It occurred to me it would be a cool idea to convert a couple Ma.K's to be piloted by Captain America and Bucky and to paint them in the good old red-white-and-blue. I did darken/dirty up the colours a little bit, because it just didn't seem fitting to make them too bright for the grim battelfields of Weird War II. They were liberally weathered to indicate they'd seen a lot of action. Of course, while Bucky could remain enclosed in his suit, Cap needed to be quite visible as the symbol that he is, so a pilot needed to be converted. The bases aren't finished yet, but what the heck...



Some more pictures (click to enlarge):



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The Rock!

A wall may fall, but nothing will move a rock. No need to introduce Sergeant Rock (and otherwise you can google him easily enough). This excellent figure is made by Bolt Action Miniatures.


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US Armoured Suits

With Hobbylink Japan having a massive sale on 1/35 Ma.K's, I couldn't resist ordering a big box of goodies. They are prepainted plastic models, but they work very well for 28mm. On the ones with open canopy, the pilots are easily removed and replaced with 28mm ones. On mine, I re-used the torso's of the original pilots and added 28mm scale heads. They are painted using Pappa Midnight's tips on weathering. Click on the picture for a closer look.


28mm miniature is there for scale.


The head is from West Wind's SHS-range (German bare heads).


Head was savagely removed from a Bolt Action miniature. You can still see the trauma in his eyes.


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Norse casualties

In between painting the rank and file, I find it enjoyable to paint something different, like these casualty figures.


Old Glory Miniatures. The casualty pack is one of the better ones in the range, with some characterful sculpts like this one.


More Old Glory, from the Somerled the Slayer pack: a wounded viking king, supported by his retainers.


Still from the Old Glory casualty pack, I quite like this figure receiving a spear trust.


This one is a conversion, using a Gripping Beast Early Saxon and a West Wind saxon bearded head (and some greenstuff hear extensions to blend it all in).

Norse Magic

The magic of the Jotun is based mostly around runecasting and shamanism. The figures are by Games Workshop and Foundry (center).




Dick Garrison

An excellent range produced by Wargames Supply Dump in the Flash Gordon Tradtion. Figures sculpted by Bob Olley. I wanted to make them look like Space Police and I think that goal was met with reasonable succes.




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A scientist of German origins...

Albert never really wanted to be the smartest man of his times. All he wanted was smoke his pipe and walk around the house in his slippers. No such luck, the demands of fame are very high. For some reason he also gets abducted a lot...

EinsteinAnother great figure from Pulp Figures.

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