Another mammoth

This one's a conversion of a prepainted plastic WOTC D&D Tundra Scout and serves as a "small" giant on mammoth in my Jotunheim Norse. The wonky spear was replaced with a sturdy axe (the shaft is an actual steel nail). The axehead comes from a plastic Games Workshop dwarven (!) axe, which only goes to show how grossly oversized the weapons are on these. The waist was bulked up a bit with greenstuff chainmail and a beard was added. It's a bit of a shame the tusks are bent out of shape, but oh well, I still think it's a cool model.

It's smaller than my other mammoth (see last picture), but its anatomy suggests it's a younger mammoth, so I'm happy to explain that the big one is much older.




With a Foundry figure for size: 


With my other Mammoth:


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