Norse Mammoth

I wanted something big (besides giants) for my Norse army and since they are loosely based on Frost Giants, what could be more suitable than a big whoolly mammoth? I picked up this toy mammoth made by Papo a few years ago with the intention to convert it for a barbarian army. I've sold off the barbarians since, but finally got around to do something with the mammoth. It's converted with greenstuff and cheap chain (in this case free as I had it for years/decades). The howdah is scratchbuilt from wooden popsicle sticks (never again!) and decorated with Foundry shields and a plastic Games Workshop dwarf standard top.

The Foundry rider in the front is the only "fixed" mini. The figures in the howdah are all individually based on 20mm squarebases (see last picture) and are basically interchangeable. The minis used for the shoot were pretty much randomly selected from my collection just for the event.







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