Plunder and Pillage: Norse looters

I find it a nice distraction from painting the rank and file to add the occasional little "diorama" figure and for Norse, these are either drinking, killing or looting. A few examples...


These figures are all conversions of models made by Gripping Beast from their Early Saxon range. Lovely figures but the helmets didn't seem quite right, so they all got headswaps. The ones at the extremities received a West Wind bearded saxon head and some hair extensions to blend it all. The one in the middle has a Black Tree Design head.


And a view from the back.


This model of a bearded viking abducting a young girl is made by Dixon. The horse is a Foundry model as the Dixon horse looked more like a sort of donkey or ugly big dog.


More Dixon with this excellent figure of a viking holding two children captive. These Dixon viking vignettes are really very nice, it's a shame they didn't expand the range.


I'm having a bit of mixed feelings about this model. It's from Andrea's 30mm Camelot range and well sculpted, but the implications of the scene didn't occurr to me until I was painting it.

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