Lucky Luke in 28mm

When I recently learned Atlas were doing a 28/30mm Lucky Luke collection in prepainted lead (with some resin accessories), I immediately went to the site. Alas, it seemed it was only available in France (for now anyway). So I went the ebay route and found an auction that had a nice selection of miniatures form the range and figured I'd get these now and depending on how enthused I remained about the project, would subscribe to the collection when it became available over here.

ebay lot

Basically the collection consists (miniatures wise, it also comes with DVD's of the cartoon version) of the characters, some resin buildingfronts and some metal and/or resin accessories. This is the lot I got off Ebay.



Now, as is the case with the oop Pixi ranges, Atlas miniatures tend to be smothered in several layers of badly applied thick paint, obliterating all the details. To give you an idea, here's the figures lined up (click to enlarge).


After stripping (the paint comes off relatively easy), they will look like this.


And for size, a comparison with a 28mm Artizan Designs Wild West figure.

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tu vendez les 2 figurines marcel dalton et le chef de gare lucky luke,grand merci.

Posted by: fiorello | 02/19/2015

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