Lucky Luke

The big man himself. Lucky Luke is famous for shooting faster than his shadow. Figure is a repaint of a model produced by Editions Atlas in France.

Camera didn't pick up all of the highlights on the shirt, but they are there, trust me. ;-)


And a comparison with the original paintjob (to the right). Yikes!


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Considered one of the heroes of the stories, Rantanplan is generally lazy and none too bright. The model is 28mm and produced by Editions Atlas as described below.


A comparison view with the original model before stripping (to the right). As can be seen, the original paint layer is incredibly thick (!):



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WW2 Captain America and Bucky

I was lucky enough to get these figures that were made available shortly in very limited edition. They are in the larger 30-32mm scale, but that is not a problem, with them being superheroes and all. Since I'd already seen some other people paint these in all the variations that were based on the old red-white-and-blue, I wanted mine to be different. Then the idea occurred to replace the blue with US Dark Green. I didn't actually want my Cap and Bucky to be green, I wanted them blue, like everyone else, but I just couldn't help it, I had to paint them like this. Reactions have been mixed, as for some people it's just to much of a stretch on the characters. Oh well...



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WWII Japanese Zombie

This one's a first test piece for a group of WW2 Japanese zombies and is basically a conversion of a TAG casualty figure with a Spyglass Miniatures zombie head. Many more will follow.


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Lucky Luke in 28mm

When I recently learned Atlas were doing a 28/30mm Lucky Luke collection in prepainted lead (with some resin accessories), I immediately went to the site. Alas, it seemed it was only available in France (for now anyway). So I went the ebay route and found an auction that had a nice selection of miniatures form the range and figured I'd get these now and depending on how enthused I remained about the project, would subscribe to the collection when it became available over here.

ebay lot

Basically the collection consists (miniatures wise, it also comes with DVD's of the cartoon version) of the characters, some resin buildingfronts and some metal and/or resin accessories. This is the lot I got off Ebay.



Now, as is the case with the oop Pixi ranges, Atlas miniatures tend to be smothered in several layers of badly applied thick paint, obliterating all the details. To give you an idea, here's the figures lined up (click to enlarge).


After stripping (the paint comes off relatively easy), they will look like this.


And for size, a comparison with a 28mm Artizan Designs Wild West figure.

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VZ1 Hiller Flying Platforms

A while back I stumbled on these 1/50 scale Hiller Flying Platforms, made as a prepainted toy by Takara for their "Amazing Weapons of WW2" collection. The pilot figure was rubbish, but for the platform itself, I could see an application in my alternative WW2 games.

The platform was just big enough to accomodate a 28mm WW2 figure, but I didn't want a bunch of figures all standing with their guns in hand and none of them paying attention to the controls of the platform. It just didn't seem realistic. What I needed to make proper crew was 28mm WW plastics, preferrably multi-part for ease of converting. While I figure someone will get round to it eventually, it suddenly struck me that the Tamiya 1/48 WW2 plastic infantry could give me just the basis I need for my conversions. After all, all it takes to turn a Tamiya 1/48 into a 28mm is a headswap, some 28mm bits (weapons) and a slight shortening of legs. So I ordered a few boxes and went to work. Here are the first attempts. Heads are from West Wind's SOTR and SHS WW2 range, guns are from Bolt Action Miniatures. All the rest is Tamiya plastic and greenstuff.


Some more detailed pictures of the individual models:





The previous and next pictures show the converted crew prior to glueing in place, front and back and a size comparison with a Bolt Action Miniatures and an Artizan Designs 28mm mini.


While doing these it occurred to me that aside from the obvious usefulness as conversion material for vehicle crews, the Tamiya sets might also form the basis of some zombie figures that aren't Germans for a change, in combination with West Wind's zombie heads or Games Workshop and Zvezda multipart plastics.

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Zombie Samurai Ogre

You heard me. I picked up this figure in a toy store, part of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime range with figures that are around 40mm. This one was roughly ogre sized, so I decided to make it a zombie ogre (or an oni) and put it on a 40mm base. I replaced the wonky arrows sticking from it's back and through the front and repainted it. Should replace the swordblade too, but didn't have a suitable one at hand (and still don't). I haven't used it for anything, but thought it was a fun figure to have...



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