The Stagecoach

"La diligence", with the famous driver Hank Bully. Another great model (with some work) from the Editions Atlas range. This one required a few modifications prior to repainting to bring it to the next level. Unlike the original comic and the Pixi version of the stagecoach, the Atlas model comes with only two horses (picture at the bottom of this post), which just won't do. So I cannibalised a second model (I kept the bits I didn't need to use in a future chariot conversion) to make room for two more horses. The extra horses themselves got a slight repositioning of the heads so that they wouldn't look identical and some greenstuff to the manes and tails.

The coulour scheme for the coach ended up looking rather different from the Atlas paintjob. It's in fact a cross between the cover of the comic and an image of a real stagecoach I found online.




Pictures of the original Atlas paintjob and comparison (after-before) for the driver):




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eh ben...si un jour je fini par savoir peindre, je sais ce qu'il me restera à faire... Les personnages sont magnifiques une fois repeints ! bravo !

Posted by: JC | 04/14/2009

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