WW2 Japanese Samurai Hero

Quite a mouthful, but that's exactly what is is: a WW2 Japanese Samurai Hero. The concept is that of a Japanese golden age superhero, who upholds the old traditions and is a symbol of the greatness of the Japanese Empire. The figure is a conversion based on a West Wind samurai body, with a reworked head from the West Wind SOTR range (german fieldcap gasmask head). I think the faceplate type gasmask-look works well for Japan and with a bit of filing and puttying, the German fieldcap is quickly transformed into a Japanese one. A few more greenstuff details were included to add a few more modern touches: the leather straps instead of ropes/thread for the shoulderarmour and the pistol holster. He is painted in the same colourscheme as the rest of the force.




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