Zombie twins

While not planned originally when I did the zombie Tintin and Haddock, it was suggested I do more characters and since I enjoyed doing the first two so much... here are the twins.

As before, I used Wargames Factory plastic zombies as dollies and sculpted on the detail I wanted/needed. The canes are from a paperclip.





Japanese type 92 MG

Something a bit more down to earth. A type 92 MG with crew for some support, all by TAG.

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German bombzombies

These had been sitting on my painting desk for ages while I continued with other projects and finally managed to finish them. 4 german bomb zombies by West Wind.

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WW2 Japanese Meka

Two rather extensive conversions of the 1/35 "fireball" Mak. This is the flying, rocketpack version and everything that wasn't needed was stripped from the models and holes were filled with greenstuff and useful bits and bobs (some old pression buttons were recycled).

I decided to give this version flamethrowers (which allowed me to make use of the fueltanks for the rocketpack), using some leftover plastic bits from a GW catachan sentinel sprue. Some tubes were added to connect it to the fuel tanks. Since the long, humanlike arms didn't work for me after this conversion, the other arm was modified to, one receiving a chainsaw (useful in the jungle, no dount) from the same sentinel sprue and the other a circular saw from a clicky mechwarrior mini (these are a great source for alternative weapon arms for your MaK's btw).




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Zombie reporter and sailor

Two more civilian zombies for the WW2 era. An intrepid reporter and his sailor sidekick. They'd been in a lot of tough spots in their days, but always managed to come out of them unscathed. Until now that is...

They are, or should I say "were" called, Tintin and captain Haddock.

Got the inspiration for this late one night (out of nowhere really), so looked at the WGF sprue for the best parts to use as dollies for these, threw in a West Wind zombiehead with peaked cap (after a bit of filing) and glued it together. Sculpted the details in the next day in two sessions (morning and afternoon). Painted the next day.


WW2 french peasant zombie

This one's cobbled togehter from various sources. Anglian Miniatures (now Empress Miniatures) militia head, 1/48 Tamiya torso, arms and legs from Wargames Factory and a healthy dose of greenstuff to blend it all together and to zombify the head.



 And a group shot of all the WW2 civilian zombies so far:



WW2 civilian zombies: Gramps, girl and young woman

Three more Civilian zombies. The old man in wheelchair is from Blue Moon Manufacturing (and supposed to be Roosevelt I think, but I'll get more use out of him as a generic zombie). The girls are from West Wind, the French civilian pack, with some added "damage".


"Gramps used to give us candy, now all he wants is to eat our brains..."


"Last summer she broke your heart, now she wants to eat it..."


"oooh, look at the nice doll you have the...OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!" 


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