Crashed plane jungle scenery

A little piece of jungle scenery I made using a cheap toy planekit, a plastic bonsai tree and lots of aquarium plants. I learned a lot from this, mistakes were made (for instance, I've left the foamboard base too thich around the edges) and the next one will be better (I hope).

The plane is actually 1/72 but it looks big enough to be a one-man prototype. It got wrecked somewhat (and riddled with bulletholes) and a Wargames Factory plastic zombiehead was added for the deceased pilot. The tree is a cheap multipart plastic aquarium scenery item. I glued it together (some variation is possible in attaching the branches), puttied the joins and painted it to get rid of the shiny plastic look. This can serve as a decorative terrain piece or as an objective (crashed plane in enemy territory, important intelligence info on board, need to retrieve it before the enemy finds it, that sort of thing).



Oh no, the Japanese found it first! :'(

Some close-ups:

As you can see, it's hard to make out the plane from above.

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