EMpire - Introduction and Older paintjobs

Well, something like 6-7 years ago, possibly a bit longer, I made a start with painting my empire figures. Now I can see several things that need to be improved (especially higlighting and shading), but with exception of the most glaring bits (like the knights' barding that needs some shading/highligting), I will concentrate on the more or less 1000 figures I have left to paint for this army (give or take a couple hundred).

When I started painting this, I went for the nostalgic red, yellow and blue scheme and I must say that, seeing them together, I still like it. It's quite striking on the table. So I will continue with that. In addition to the regular "KF", some also have the initials "WK", which stand for Willem Karl (ok, it's derived from my username) who is my supreme commander in the fluff that only exists in my head.

Enough talk. Here are the pictures. Take in mind that these are old paintjobs and I have gotten better since.

The start of the army:

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