Empire - Dwarves with crossbows 5

2 more Marauder dwarves. The one with the crossbow is another conversion of the spear/pikeman.

Beginning to look like something that resembles a proper unit:


Empire - Dwarves with crossbows 4

I had time to finish 4 more marauder dwarf crossbowmen. The one to the left is a conversion of the chainmail one (comparison pictures below). The two in the middle are conversions of dwarf spearmen (some recasts I got off ebay, not originals) with plastic crossbows. The one to the right is the third variant of the the ones with separate plug-in hands

The conversion next to the original. He got greenstuff shoes, puffy sleeves and a feather with gem broche for his hat, as well as a new moustache to set him apart from the original. I'm quite happy with this one, he looks different enough from the original and of the two I think I like my converted one best.


Empire - Dwarves with crossbows 3

4 more empire-themed dwarfs. The one with the eyepatch and pegleg is actually an old citadel Bugman's rangers champion, but he had the right look, so he joined this unit. The two in the middle came with seaprate plug-in hands (I also have handguns and spears for these guys). The one with the helmet and breastplate is a conversion of one of the speardwarves (not an original, but a recast) with a plastic crossbow.

With the previous lot:

Individual shots.

Empire - Dwarves with crossbows 2

4 more marauder empire-themed dwarfs. Not as happy with these as with the other ones (yellow highlighs too harsh for one), but they'll do fine.

With the previous two:

Individual shots.


Empire - Imperial ogre with axe

Another one of the fantastic Marauder Miniatures ogres. They just don't make them like that anymore. I think he turned out great.

And the 4 painted ogres so far (I did a few minor touch-ups to the leader to bring him closer to my current standard):

Empire - Dwarves with crossbows

More classic Marauder Miniatures goodness. Two dwarf crossbowmen, painted in the yellow, red and blue colours of my Empire army. I'm particularly happy with these, they might be some of the best paintjobs I managed so far.

Empire - Imperial ogre with greatsword

One of the wonderful Marauder Miniatures classic ogres. This one has been one of my all time favourite models and I enjoyed putting a brush to it.

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