Empire - Looting soldier with pig

This figure is sculpted by Paul Hicks and commissioned by Regulator of Pro Gloria as charity figure for the Steve Dean forum. As a looting landsknecht, he fits right in.


Some more angles (before basing):


Empire - Fortifications - The Keep

I've picked up a cheap castle kit from a toy store, that I'm turning into empire-themed scenery, with the addition of a few bobs and bits.

The contents of the box (it is labeled "Superplay" by "Simba"): 

A really bad picture of the central building built straight from the box:

And with addition of statues, shield icons and scratchbuilt doors. Gaps were filled:

Front, back and side view after painting. Torches added from the GW plastic set. The toylike flags were replaced with scratchbuilt flagpoles (steel wire and two types of plastic beeds). Flags will be added when I get them done.

As can be seen here, the walking space on both sides of the roof has room for 4 figures on 20mm bases. Would be a good spot for a sniper/hochland longrifle.

And a few final pics with figures to give a feel of the size:

All in all, I don't regret buying the kit, especially considering the price. I am very pleased with how well it paints up.

Empire - Metal handgunners

After a 6-7 year hiatus, I've finally finished off these empire handgunners that sat partially painted in a box for all those years. Since my painting style and skill evolved since then, these figures ended up somewhat of a hybrid paintjob (old and current). They are in the colour scheme I decided on back in the day, as a nostalgic return to the red, yellow and blue schemes of the early nineties.

The 5 figures:

Couple closer-ups:

Couple from the back:

Empire - Imperial ogres

Some of my all time favourite figures, the Marauder imperial ogres. These are the first two I painted years ago. These will only require a few minor touch ups to take them to my current level.


Empire - The Knights Panther

The Knights Panther. They are all metal (except for the horses of course), some are converted to avoid doubles, the musician has metal legs and a plastic upper body. The foot knight uses bits from the 6th edition footsoldier command sprue and the knights sprue.

The horses all have banners with pseudo-latin rousing phrases on one side and freehand panther heraldry on the other:

The champion for the unite was my most elaborate conversion at the time and used a metal knight with the helmet crest replaced by one from the plastic knights, a banner top added to the horse head and a heroquest orc morningstar for a weapon. I'm still quite fond of it.

Empire - Older characters

A few character/hero figures. The mounted one is close to being acceptable by my current standards, though the blacklining needs to be toned down (as with all these older paintjobs) and some additional shading would be welcome.

This mounted female character was made by DSA (now available from Ral Partha Europe) and fits in well.

Another one from DSA. This adventurer was carrying a lantern for some underground tunnel exploration. It was replaced with a 6th edition plastic soldier swordhand.

This blurry pictures shows the champion of my metal handgunner unit. He needs to be touched up A LOT, if he's to command a regiment of newly painted troops. 

Empire - Artillery

More older paintjobs. They are in serious need of some additional highlights. These are the artillery pieces, all metal (except for the wheels).

4th/5th edition GW Helblaster (note the Leonardo Da Vinci lookalike):

4th/5th edition GW cannon and mortar: