A mixture of Editions Atlas and Pixi Minis figures this time. What is a classroom with only two kids after all? Of course, this means I have two teachers now as well, but one will just have to receive a career change, plenty of opportunity in the West after all...

The Editions Atlas figures include a boy with straw hat and apple and a girl with apple. The Pixi set includes two boys. One in a sailor suit with apple and one "bad student" wearing the donkey ears hat.





Of course, some before and after shots as usual:


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Stagecoach passengers

Next up are Oliver and Annabella Flimsy, as seen in the album "La Diligence", posing next to the Stagecoach stop sign (the Old West equivalent of the bus halt). All three models are by Editions Atlas.stagecoach_halt



And the comparisons with the original paintjobs:



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The Stagecoach

"La diligence", with the famous driver Hank Bully. Another great model (with some work) from the Editions Atlas range. This one required a few modifications prior to repainting to bring it to the next level. Unlike the original comic and the Pixi version of the stagecoach, the Atlas model comes with only two horses (picture at the bottom of this post), which just won't do. So I cannibalised a second model (I kept the bits I didn't need to use in a future chariot conversion) to make room for two more horses. The extra horses themselves got a slight repositioning of the heads so that they wouldn't look identical and some greenstuff to the manes and tails.

The coulour scheme for the coach ended up looking rather different from the Atlas paintjob. It's in fact a cross between the cover of the comic and an image of a real stagecoach I found online.




Pictures of the original Atlas paintjob and comparison (after-before) for the driver):




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The Preacher

Nowhere like the lawless Wild West to do some serious preaching. This grim looking figure comes from the Editions Atlas stable and is a simple repaint (mostly black).


A comparison with the original, showing what dofference a simple highlight can make.


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The Bartender

What's an Old West town without a saloon and you can't have one without a bartender. Another fine model from the Editions Atlas range. This one's a three part model. I stuck with the bright colours of the official Atlas paintscheme as it works for these comic book figures. I didn't give him any sideburns  as they weren't sculpted on.


A comparison with the original paintjob.


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Mounted Lucky Luke

Unlike the others, this mounted version of Lucky Luke is not an Editions Atlas mini, but came from the older (and more expensive) Pixi mini range on the same theme. I got this one cheap off ebay because half of the hat and part of an ear was broken off (and missing). Paint came off much easier than with the Atlas brand and after applying some green stuff to repair the hat and ear, it was ready to go.


Some comparison shots next: A side by side view with the Atlas dismounted model. Good match.


And a comparison with the Pixi paintjob, which is slightly better than the Atlas Editions one,but still can be improved upon.



Finally, a comparison of the Pixi (left) and Atlas (right) Jolly Jumper. The Atlas one is a bit heftier, but they are  close enough.


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Feathers and tar

In the Lucky Luke stories, whenever a gambler is caught cheating, he gets a choice: the rope or being covered in feathers and tar and escorted to the border of the town on a piece of rail, never to return. Needless to say, most stick with the second option. This little vignette by Editions Atlas shows one of these unfortunate hustlers. I left out the sheriff's star on the feathered man (although this was taken from an actual story), as to make it a more generic crook (besides,it was badly sculpted and only vaguely resembled a star). The vignette also comes with a bucket of tar (goudron) and a sack of feathers (plumes), which were also repainted...



Before being stripped and repainted, the figures looked like this:


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