Ugly Barrow and the covered wagon

Ugly Barrow is an expert wagon driver who only opens his mouth to swear. The driver and wagon are repaints of the Editions Atlas models. I'm not happy with everything about this model, but it's time to move on to the next.



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The Tenderfoot

Tenderfoor (or pied-tendre) is a name the "true" people of the west reserve for the newly arrived immigrants. This usually goes to pair with a hearthy welcoming and much fun and games at the expense of the tenderfoot. Another Editions Atlas repaint.



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Civilian lady

"La passante" is another model from the Atlas range. Not much to say, it wasn't a particularly exciting model to paint and I think it shows. Moving on.



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Ma Dalton

The woman who thought her sons how to open a safe, as to provide them with a living. I had to partially resculpt the hand on this one, as the way she was sculpted, her left hand looked like a right hand. It's a really tiny model, as can be seen from the comparison shot with the sheriff.




Before and after (pictures inversed):


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Jolly Jumper

Luke's horse and best friend. Not much to say on this one. I'm not overly pleased with the way it came out, but it'll do. I really don't like painting horses, even cartoony ones.




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The vulture

The vulture (le vautour), an other familiar presence any Lucky Luke based decor can't go without. The original Atlas model came with a tab to place it on top of one of the resin buildingfronts. Since I'm not planning to get those, I decided to sculpt a dead tree for it to sit in. Using a plastic tree from an old (over 15 years at least) kinder egg toy as an armature, this was a pretty simple sculpt, but it will do well enough for my purposes.



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The Hearse

Le corbillard du Croquemort. What's the undertaker without his hearse? Another repaint of Editions Atlas, the hearse is completely made from metal (no resin bits unlike some of the other vehicles in the range). The wreath (la couronne) is not yet glued in place as I'm debating to glue it to the side of the hearse as is shown in one of the promotional pictures. I've heard a second one is included in one of the upcoming sets, so I might glue one to each side. Or not.



And the traditional "after and before" shot:


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