Who said women aren't fit for the force? Of course, it never hurts to have some muscle around just in case someone needs to be beaten to a bloody pulp...


The women are from Amazon Miniatures (second from the right is a conversion), the thug is from West Wind's SOTR range (with a tie added).



And this charming lady to the left is made by Pulp Figures and fits right in.

A group shot with some more Amazon ladies below.







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German Rockettroops

German scientists have invented a compact rocketpack allowing a man to fly without needing a plane. Or more exactly, a woman. As it turned out, the rocketpack wasn't powerful enough to carry a full man without exhausting it's fuel in record time, so lighter troops were searched and found. It seemed only right that the officer in charge of the project would also be a fraulein...


The Rocketgirl is a converted Brigade Games model (trousers and jacket were added) and the officer is a converted Shadowforge mini.

These are older paintjobs and the freakishly big eyes on the one on the right creep me out a bit now...

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Germans found the Lost Ark!

In your face, Herr Doctor Jones! The German army recovered the Lost Ark and you can't stop them! Of course, they'll all die horribly on their first attempt to use it, but that is besides the point.


Figures and Ark are from Castaway Arts, but heavily converted using greenstuff and Bolt Action Miniatures equipment bits.


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Nazi Warlock on Demonic Steed

Finally, one of those occult projects of the Third Reich finally paid off and an unholy creature has been summoned. High Command isn't sure yet how useful it will be in combat, but it looks very promising.


Rider is a Foundry cavalry figure with the head of a West Wind Berlin or Bust figure. The demonic steed is a Games Workshop beast of slaanesh.


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Cthulhu Mutated Germans

The Nazi High Command really shouldn't have messed with powers they didn't fully understand. Sure, it may have made better soldiers out of Karl, Hans and Fritz, but it's bound to hurt their chances with the ladies after the war...


All three figures are conversions of Crusader Miniatures WWII Germans. Second rifle on the center figure supplied by Bolt Action Miniatures.

These, like most of the ones that will follow in the first weeks of this blog's existence, are older figures that I have just now gotten around to take pictures of. You can click on the image for a closer look.

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