Gold Saint Scorpio

Milo of the zodiac sign Scorpio, one of twelve gold saints. Not overly pleased with this one, the face seems a bit flat, so I might touch up the paintjob at a later point. The figures in this range are about 45mm and made of a rather soft plastic.



Goddess Athena

The reason they're all fighting for: Saori, reincarnation of the goddess Athena. Former spoiled brat.

The staff was bending all the way to Xmas and back again, so it was removed, hand and top were drilled out and a metal rod from a big paperclip was inserted.



Bronze Saints

Saint Seiya. One of the shows shown on French television when I was of an age to watch cartoons. It should be no surprise then that the bottle cap collection released by Bandai grabbed my attention. I was hoping for something close to 35mm and when I got the first set, they were about 40mm scale, so close enough. A word of warning, they are bendy plastic and they are anime to boot. Do not read on if you can't stand either. The figures all come in one colour, with an ink wash for shading. I wanted to see whether they can be painted like miniatures and this section of the blog will record the results.

First post lines up my (re)paints of the 5 Bronze Saints (the heroes). I think they turned out okay, given what they are. Bases are resin scenic bases (40mm) by Fenris Games.

Pegasus Seiya:


Cygnus Hyoga:


Dragon Shiryu:


Andromeda Shun:


Phoenix Ikky:


And finally, a quick comparison with one of the figures before and after painting: