Be they out hunting vampires on the countryside during the interwar period or in the thick of battle facing nazi abominiations, these clergymen - and women - are not afraid to test their faith (okay, maybe one of them is).

Father Angus McSweeney, fearless vampirehunter (Foundry figure):


Father C. Howard and the nuns of Saint Mary-Elisabeth (RAFM):


Don Camillo, French-Italian priest (Brigade Games):


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A scientist of German origins...

Albert never really wanted to be the smartest man of his times. All he wanted was smoke his pipe and walk around the house in his slippers. No such luck, the demands of fame are very high. For some reason he also gets abducted a lot...

EinsteinAnother great figure from Pulp Figures.

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The Shadow Knows...

I shamelessly confess to quite liking the Alec Baldwin Shadow movie. It's quite entertaining in the best of pulp tradition and not taking itself too seriously. Bob Murch's model in the Pulp Figures range is an excellent representation of this enigmatic character. No doubt he'll eventually find his way into WW2 and merrily go about punishing the enemies of freedom for their sins.


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Tintin, Haddock and Snowy

The famous reporter, his loyal dog and his sailor sidekick. For those of you not familiar with Hergé's comis, just google Tintin and you'll find a wealth of info in no time.


Snowy and Tintin are sculpted from scratch (though an Ebob puppet was used for Tintin. Haddock is a conversion of a Brigade Games merchant seaman.

They can't go anywhere without the faithful red jeep though. Figures are sculpted from scratch. The Jeep is a slightly converted and completely repainted Corgi WW2 Willys jeep.




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