Crashed plane jungle scenery

A little piece of jungle scenery I made using a cheap toy planekit, a plastic bonsai tree and lots of aquarium plants. I learned a lot from this, mistakes were made (for instance, I've left the foamboard base too thich around the edges) and the next one will be better (I hope).

The plane is actually 1/72 but it looks big enough to be a one-man prototype. It got wrecked somewhat (and riddled with bulletholes) and a Wargames Factory plastic zombiehead was added for the deceased pilot. The tree is a cheap multipart plastic aquarium scenery item. I glued it together (some variation is possible in attaching the branches), puttied the joins and painted it to get rid of the shiny plastic look. This can serve as a decorative terrain piece or as an objective (crashed plane in enemy territory, important intelligence info on board, need to retrieve it before the enemy finds it, that sort of thing).



Oh no, the Japanese found it first! :'(

Some close-ups:

As you can see, it's hard to make out the plane from above.

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WW2 Japan Meka with MG

Another conversion of the fireball MaK. This one had a field "roof" added and had the rockets removed (didn't need them). An MG was added (as was a chainsaw). Pilot head is from TAG (used to be on the zombie's body).

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WW2 Japanese Meka

Two rather extensive conversions of the 1/35 "fireball" Mak. This is the flying, rocketpack version and everything that wasn't needed was stripped from the models and holes were filled with greenstuff and useful bits and bobs (some old pression buttons were recycled).

I decided to give this version flamethrowers (which allowed me to make use of the fueltanks for the rocketpack), using some leftover plastic bits from a GW catachan sentinel sprue. Some tubes were added to connect it to the fuel tanks. Since the long, humanlike arms didn't work for me after this conversion, the other arm was modified to, one receiving a chainsaw (useful in the jungle, no dount) from the same sentinel sprue and the other a circular saw from a clicky mechwarrior mini (these are a great source for alternative weapon arms for your MaK's btw).




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Weird Japan - Group shot 2

Another intermediary group shot to show the progress made. Backdrop is another scenery item from an aquarium decoration manufacturer.



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WW2 Japanese Samurai Hero

Quite a mouthful, but that's exactly what is is: a WW2 Japanese Samurai Hero. The concept is that of a Japanese golden age superhero, who upholds the old traditions and is a symbol of the greatness of the Japanese Empire. The figure is a conversion based on a West Wind samurai body, with a reworked head from the West Wind SOTR range (german fieldcap gasmask head). I think the faceplate type gasmask-look works well for Japan and with a bit of filing and puttying, the German fieldcap is quickly transformed into a Japanese one. A few more greenstuff details were included to add a few more modern touches: the leather straps instead of ropes/thread for the shoulderarmour and the pistol holster. He is painted in the same colourscheme as the rest of the force.




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Weird War II Ninja n° 3

The third of my converted Perry Miniatures ninja's. This one only had a holster added to his hip, but he's my favorite of the lot. I just love the colours on this one and I think it's the best colour scheme of the three so far.


A group shot with the other three Weird War II ninja conversions:


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Weird War II Sumatori n° 2

The second of my Weird War II sumatori figures. Model from Urban Mammoth. I love the way they look. This one was also much easier to paint than the other one. Fewer hard to reach places.


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